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The Web3D Consortium is an International non-profit, member-funded, standards development organization open to industry, academic, government and individual members.

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Founded in 1997, the Consortium develops a number of standards for web-based 3D graphics and humanoid animation that are royalty-free and ISO certified. Membership provides real benefits for 3D graphics communication, networking, leadership, marketing, and specification development. 

"Versar is looking forward to working with the Consortium to collaboratively develop the X3D standards and tools and making them widely adopted across our markets."

-- Dwane Stone; Chief Executive Officer, Versar


Membership in the Consortium provides access to the Working Groups developing and writing the standards. The Working Groups work closely with International Standards Organization (ISO), Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Health Level 7 (HL7), Metaverse Standards Forum, and other standardization bodies to maximize both interoperability and market opportunities for its membership. These benefits and others are available only to Web3D Consortium members.

“As the membership of HL7 continues to progress the goal of interoperability, partnerships are critical to achieving this end. Our collaboration with Web3D will help deliver on our promise of advancing patient care through more seamless data sharing.”

-- Charles Jaffe, M.D., Ph.D; Chief Executive Officer, HL7


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Web3D Consortium members agree to follow the rules, policies, and restrictions as specified in the following documents:

  1. By-Laws
  2. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy
  3. Member Agreement

These apply to all technical contributions.  This approach protects a massive set of technology capabilities, keeping X3D and related standards royalty free for any use.

Now is the time to join the Web3D Consortium and use open source standards for your commercial products to deliver the best, time-tested, stable 3D content to your customers.


Member Benefits by Membership Type
Benefit Organizational Individual Community
Member Agreement Yes Yes Yes
Candidate for Board Seat Yes Yes No
Participate in Working Groups Yes Yes No
Vote in Working Groups Yes No No
Vote on Bylaw Changes Yes No No
Waiver on Adopter's Fees Yes No No


Membership Fee Comparison (Renew)
Type Maximum Revenue Maximum Staff Cost Directing
Student not applicable 1 not available
Professional not applicable 1 not available
Small US$ 4,999,999 99
Standard US$ 49,999,999 999
Large unlimited unlimited

Additional benefits and responsibilities come with a Directing Organizational Members. Contact Members Services for details.