Web3D Fellows Program


The Web3D Consortium consists of industry, agency, academic and professional members. Web3D Fellows are given responsibilities that are important to the success of the Consortium. Usually they work on technical issues important to Extensible 3D (X3D) Graphics.

Benefits and Responsibilities

Fellow benefits and responsibilities include the following:

  • Work on scientific and engineering challenges that are particularly important for advancing the X3D standard
  • Typically perform their efforts as part of a Web3D working group
  • Report to a supervising mentor at member institution hosting their work
  • Opportunity to work with leading practitioners and researchers in their field of interest
  • Fellows are invited to periodically brief their working groups, the Board of Directors and Consortium members on their progress
  • Produce a final paper or report documenting their efforts
  • Receive credit for important work, suitable for resume or curriculum vita

Member benefits and responsibilities include the following:

  • Provide salary and workplace support, as appropriate (possibly in cooperation with another Web3D Consortium member)
  • Host an international expert who can interact with local researchers, staff and students
  • Provide ongoing feedback and formal review to the Fellow regarding their work


Web3D Fellows must be able to speak English effectively and write English fluently. They must be an employee of one of the Web3D Member organizations, and should expect to commit about 80% of their time to Web3D for a typical period of 6-24 months. Fellows normally work at one of the Web3D member sites. Fellows or their sponsors are responsible for their own salary, benefits, relocation costs, and living expenses. Some sponsors pay work-related travel expenses. Sponsoring Web3D members may provide work-related travel expenses, and desktop or laptop computers, depending on circumstances.
Web3D Fellows are expected to possess insight, tact, technical understanding, and the ability to complete projects.
How to Proceed

  1. Confirm that your employer is a Web3d Member (directing or organizational) and that your organization intends to provide you with financial support.
  2. Read the About Web3D pages, (especially Charter, By-laws, and IP) to find out if your goals match those of Web3D Consortium. Please note that Fellows (and all members) are bound by the Intellectual Property Agreement.
  3. Discuss your plan with your Web3D representative and chair(s) of the related working groups.
  4. Submit a proposal to the Board of Directors most closely associated with your interest.

If your organization is not currently a Web3D Member, you may wish to join the Web3D Consortium. If joining is not a possibility at this time but your organization can provide you with financial support, please contact consortium leadership to express your interest since productive participation may be possible in other ways.

Inquiries are welcome. Please contact Executive Director Anita Havele if you are interested in pursuing or hosting a fellowship.