X3D Pipeline

X3D Pipeline flow diagram
X3D: Means 3D Anywhere
  • X3D provides a presentation layer (a scene graph) to display animated, interactive 3D models created from multiple sources (Image, Audio, Video, X3D, glTF...)  into 3D Web applications. 
  • Bring data from any domain into X3D. Add scene description and behavior(interactivity and animation using time, touch, space sensors).
  • Use open-source implementations - X3DOM, X_ite to publish on the Web. Instantreality, Castle game engine, Xj3D for standalone devices
  • It is possible to programmatically control the X3D scene using several APIs. The Consortium has documented an abstract API (X3D SAI) and five language-specific bindings
  • The presentation pipeline is supported by X3D4 to make native authoring and use of X3D models fully integrated with HTML5.



Anita Havele, Executive Director, Web3D Consoritum